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Legacy System Modernization and Support

  1. Resolving Code Issues

    You can rely on us to help you fix badly structured legacy code, upgrading its readability and maintainability. We apply a set of best practices such as multi-stage code review and refactoring to increase performance and facilitate future solution enhancement.

  2. Improving Usability

    We are well-versed in legacy system analysis and application modernization services. Our UX experts tackle tasks ranging from UX design to multiplatform UI implementations, bringing your system up to date with modern usability and accessibility standards to boost user satisfaction.

  3. Upgrading the Tech Stack

    We dive deep into the specifics of your business case to suggest a winning mix of the latest tools and frameworks as a replacement for your outdated stack. Our research and development experts can also propose a completely new solution to the issue you’ve been battling with.

  4. Preparing Detailed Documentation

    To improve maintainability and aid communication between stakeholders, our team works with you to generate transparent and detailed documentation including SRS, architecture design, source code documentation, easy-to-grasp admin and user guides, project reports, coding standards, and more.

  5. Streamlining the QA process

    Infinytech’s QA department prides itself on tried-and-true workflows optimized to suit the needs of every individual project. Once implemented, our QA process allows you to remove excessive steps and potential bottlenecks, as well as optimize the use of QA resources.

  6. Detecting Bugs

    We apply our best practices to tracking and testing every feature of your product. Due to the iterative nature of our QA approach, the team is able to run frequent checks and discover the origins of every issue before it can significantly impact the project.

  7. Minimizing Regressions

    We put in place rigorous QA procedures to battle regressions and let you roll out new releases frequently and with confidence. Our proprietary AQA framework makes it possible to quickly discover and tackle issues on long-term projects with extremely complex business logic.

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